Regulatory and Ethical considerations for the Advance Practice nurse

Apply your knowledge in a case study involving ethical prescribing practices, variation in state scope of practice regarding ordering-controlled substances, and accessing resources to assist in prescribing using the most up-to-date evidence-informed information.

Imagine you are an advanced practice nurse (APRN). Read the following scenario and answer the questions.

Harry is a 26-year-old Latino male presenting with signs and symptoms of atypical pneumonia. You want to be certain to prescribe the most appropriate antibiotic so using Dynamed Links to an external site., record the choices. His cough is keeping him awake at night. You will prescribe a cough suppressant with codeine. Harry is very concerned about the cost of medications. Using the list of antibiotics that are effective in treatment of this illness and codeine cough suppressants, compare pricing through the GoodRx website Links to an external site.. Which medications are most effective and economical?

As you gather his social history you find that he is living in a one-bedroom apartment with his wife Lucy. Harry tells you she works as a waitress and is unable to take off work to come in for an appointment. If she does not work, she is not paid. He tells you Lucy has been coughing just like me and requests you write a prescription for antibiotics and cough medication for her. You have been Harrys provider since he was 18 and know him and Lucy well.

Lets assume you practice in Texas. Use the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) State Practice Environment Guidelines Links to an external find more specific information about how state laws and regulations impact nurse practitioners. You may need to seek additional guidance from the Texas Board of Nursing website to complete this assignment. Answer the following questions:

Is it within your scope to write for a controlled substance? If so, how will this be sent to the pharmacy?
What will you tell Harry about concerning his diagnosis? What will you tell him about the medications you prescribe for himhe is most concerned about how long he is contagious?
What about his wife? What will you let him know about prescriptions for her? What will inform this decision?