Reflection Paper : Social and Cultural Factors on youth aggression and violence (a psychological approach by Thomas G. Moeller )

Words: 422
Pages: 2
Subject: Research Writing

Please agree and or disagree with the theory and no plagiarism
. Choose two primary theories or argument from the reading and submit a 1-page maximum paper addressing the following:

What does each of these theories suggest about the nature of aggression?
You have to use your own words to explain each of the theories you chose to discuss. You cannot quote more than one sentence from the reading.
Identify and explain why you agree or not with these theories.
You must explain your thoughts and ideas thoroughly but succinctly. When writing your statement or arguments, make sure you explain why you’re making this statement. If you agree or disagree with what you read, make sure you explain thoroughly why.
Explore how you think culture affects violent actions of people.

Answer the two prompts above.
No less than 85% score on Grammarly: any paper with less than 85% score will get an automatic 15% deduction from the paper grade.