Reflection on Covid affects on Fertility/births

Reflection topic,

How Covid-19 effected fertility/births. Use the below references to write your own reflection. Just choose a couple of them that give you the insights.

Grantham-Phillips, Wyatte, ‘COVID Baby Boom? No, 2020 Triggered a Baby Bust – and That Will Have Lasting Impacts’, USA Today, 16 December 2020
Kearny, Melissa S., and Philip Levine, ‘Half a Million Fewer Children? The Coming COVID Baby Bust’, 2020 [accessed 26 January 2021]
Kearny, Melissa S., and Philip Levine, ‘The Coming COVID-19 Baby Bust: Update’, 2020 [accessed 26 January 2021]
Pinsker, Joe, ‘Here Comes the COVID-19 Baby Bust’, The Atlantic, 24 November 2020
Pransky, Noah, ‘There’s No Coronavirus Baby Boom — It’s More Like a Baby Bust’, LX News, 25 January 2021 There’s No Coronavirus Baby Boom — It’s More Like a Baby Bust – LX


You may identify the topic and complete the Reflection Note before the due week.

• Each reflection note should be 3-5 pages in length, double-spaced, use standard font
type and size 12 fonts. (5 points)
• Each reflection note should include the following parts:
o The significance and relevance of the topic (15 points)
▪ why studying this topic is important? How is the topic relevant to
population studies and other disciplines in sociology?
o Explain how this topic is related to the overall demographic transition in the
study context (10 points)
o Describe and analyze related arguments in the academic literature or valid
sources (20 points)
o Explain your findings and conclusions (30 points)
▪ Utilize the recommended websites to explore data resources to support
your findings
• Read the good example of Reflection Note
Please note:
1. Cite all information used in your note, using either (a) footnotes, (b) endnotes, or (c) a
works cited/bibliography/reference page and in-text citations. Please use ASA style.
Here is some resource for doing so:
association/cite-a-website/manual (5 points)
2. Your reflection note should include proper grammar and spelling. (5 points)
3. Please include one table with the some of the data used to support your
argument/findings about the topic (make sure to indicate somewhere in or near the
table the data source(s)). (10 points)
4. Notcixes 1-3 will be considered in grading.

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