Race IAT & Reflection

The Race IAT is a three-part assignment. First, you will complete the online questionnaire at https://implicit.harvard.edu/implicit/user/agg/blindspot/indexrk.htm. Second, you will then screenshot your result and post it to Blackboard. Lastly, you will write a two-page reflection paper answering the following questions:

Were you challenged/surprised/expecting the results you received? Please explain further. (1 mark)
How is your result reflected in your social location? (1 mark)
How might known or unknown racial bias effect/affect how you and others practice social work? (1 mark)
What is the danger of not acknowledging biases? (1 mark)
How can knowing and owning bias allow us to incorporate anti-oppressive frameworks into our practice? (1 mark)

Note: The purpose of this paper is not to fault/blame/analyze the quiz or its structure – the VOX article provided to you does this effectively. Marks will not be given to analyze the quiz’s format and content. You are to use your results as a launch pad for deeper conversations, within us, about implicit biases we may hold and their inevitable impacts.

As this is a reflection paper, no reference sources or APA citations/references are required.

I completed online questionnaire so I’m attaching my result. for social location I’m Iranian and I have immigrated to canada since 7 years.