Questionnaire on Tinder and Romantic Relaionships

Please edit and strengthen my questionnaire to the professors liking, also add questions please. (under file Questionnaire)

I have also uploaded the dissertation for your reference

Comments from Professor below:
I would suggest you build an academic questionnaire with MS Word, and once it is approved, you can create the online version.

There are a few points I would like you to address the issues of your first draft:

1. Improve the format of the questionnaire (please search some samples of academic questionnaire as your reference)

2. Avoid using passive voices in the sentences. Rewrite the sentences with passive voices.

3. Are there any used questions in previous research or similar research? As mentioned to you before, using questions from previous study or similar research can improve the reliability of your data. It is ideal if you have around 70% of questions for your variables come from previous research.

Please also consider whether you have designed enough questions to cover all the variables in your research model or not and what kind of data and statistical tests you will use. You need to know what you will measure and how to measure it. An example of a data test is normality, and an example of a statistical test is multiple regression. It is better to confirm your model, hypotheses, methcixod and questionnaire at this stage.

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