Purpose of the study

Purpose of the study

Why does the author think the study is necessary?

Do you agree with his/her justification?


Are the hypotheses clearly stated and testable?

What previous research is it based on?

Are they grounded in theory? (if so, describe)

General methodology

Is a quantitative approach appropriate in this case?

What are its strengths and weaknesses (in this study)?


Identify the stated population of interest

How are “subjects” selected/recruited?

How generalizable is the sample? (Who’s left out?)


What are the independent and dependent variables?

How are they operationalized and measured?

Are the measures valid and reliable?


What are pros & cons of how data were collected?

Are there ways the procedure could be improved?

Data analysis

Are analyses appropriate given the type of data?

Could different methods of analysis been used?


Are they consistent with the hypotheses?

What are their nursing implications?

Final thoughtsSummarize the research

Was the study clearly presented?

Was the study worth doing and publishing?

Describe a logical extension of this study.