PSY 609 Module 6 Assignment – Final Outline

Words: 110
Pages: 1
Subject: Research Writing

Your outline and final report will be based on the attached case study (see attachment).

Outline should include the following, based on the theory of choice (i.e., Biopsychosocial Case Conceptualization, Cognitive Behavior Perspective, Time-Limited Case Conceptualization Report, Adlerian case conceptualization, etc)

Theory you will be using
Reason for referral
Diagnosis made and why
Additional assessments you would recommend to help finalize a diagnosis
Case conceptualization
o Presentation
o Predisposition
o Protective factors
o Perpetulants
o Pattern-maladaptive
o Cultural Identity
o Cultural Stress and acculturation
o Culture and/or personality
Treatment plan
o Treatment Goal
o Treatment Interventions
o Treatment Obstacles

In addition to your paper, please provide an annotated bibliography on at least THREE resources you will use in this paper.