Prompt 8: paragraph 11, “America did not, nor does not, want force…….”

Read The Crisis, No. 1 in its entirety. To read straight through only takes about twenty to twenty-five minutes. You do not have to struggle for understanding; you can gain that when you read and analyze your chosen passage. You can also gain more understanding by reading the original posts of your classmates. Reading the entire essay will help you to write well both in your original prompt (because you will have context) and as you respond to a classmate.
Choose a passage from the list below and write a thorough post. Make sure you include the following:
Copy what you consider to be the most powerful quote (one or two sentences tops) of the passage. Even if you find other powerful language, choose one quote. Copy the quote at the top of your own paragraph so that you classmates can see it as they read.
Summarize the main points of the passage. Consider the context and be sure to address the quote. Please be thorough you might be writing more of a paraphrase than a summary. For the first and final passages, consider their effectiveness as the beginning and ending of Paines pamphlet.
Address any specific points I have added to various passages. Just be careful not to ignore step #2 above. The specifics simply give you something extra to consider as you write your summary of your chosen passage.
Copy and paste the prompt title (ie Prompt 1: Paragraph 1) into the subject line of your post. Doing so will help your classmates choose a new paragraph to address.

Prompt 1: Paragraph 1, These are the times.
Prompt 2: Paragraphs 2 and 3, Whether the Independence . . . as good a pretense as he. In Common Sense, Paine had declared that America could defeat itself with “delay and timidity.” What does he say about time in paragraph 2?
Prompt 3: Paragraph 4, It is surprising to see. Feel free to comment on the recent panic we have had in our country for the last few years if you see a connection. However, do not lose focus on the actual prompt a solid summary of the paragraph.
Prompt 4: Paragraphs 5 and 6, As I was with the troops . . . under some providential control. These are longer but fit together. As you summarize, be sure to include Paines comments on General Howes decisions.
Prompt 5: Paragraph 7, I shall now not attempt. This paragraph is shorter but full. Be sure to address the state of the men and also what Paine has to say about Washingtons character through the reference to King William.
Prompt 6: Paragraphs 8 and 9, I shall conclude this paper . . . that he wants. As you describe Tories and Paines opinion of them, comment upon his use of the word infested and also on what Howe expects of such men.
Prompt 7: Paragraph 10, I once felt all that kind of anger. . . . Be sure to consider the final metaphor in the paragraph.
Prompt 8: Paragraph 11, America did not, nor does not, want force. . . .
Prompt 9: Paragraph 12, Quitting this class of men. . . .
Prompt 10: Paragraph 13, My own line of reasoning. . . . Do not ignore Paines strong language against the king.
Prompt 11: Paragraph 14, There are Cases. . . .
Prompt 12: Paragraphs 15 and 16, I thank God I fear not . . . let him suffer it unlamented.