Project 11

Part 1) Consumer Observation: You will be conducting a 30-minute observation of a local business and preparing a report that describes what you have seen and learned. (I recommend someplace on the bigger side and maybe with an area you can sit to observe people)
Your goal for the observation will be to look at how factors in the environment may influence the consumers behavior in the retail environment. This should include things similar to the list below (please note, the place you observe may have more or less things to look at and observe than the suggested list below. BE CREATIVE!!!).
What is the stores environment like? Music, smells, is it overly stimulating? How many employees do you see? Does it seem easy or difficult for customers to find help in the store? Are there pointofpurchase displays? Are they complementary or distracting? How is the store laid out? Do you think this influences the purchase behavior of the patrons? Do you think the patrons follow the intended path? Is it the store cluttered? Minimalist? Neat? Messy? Are there attempts to encourage impulse purchases? What else do you notice about the location?

Please follow the guidelines below for your write-up: Type a concise minimum twopage (2) summary and analysis of your findings. Please note the store you observed, as well as the day, date, and time you conducted the observation. Give as much descriptive detail as possible about what you observed (you can make the paper longer than two pages if you feel you must!) Can you come up with any marketing implications for the managers of this store based on your observations (HINT: try to relate your findings to the material we have covered thus far in the class!!)