Profits Forecast Memorandum

Words: 290
Pages: 2
Subject: Research Writing

For this assignment, you will write a memorandum for senior management on your findings of a potential profits forecast you will conduct. The forecasting exercise should be included as an appendix at the end of your memo.

Week 2 Assignment Excel File.xlsxDownload Week 2 Assignment Excel File.xlsx

Forecasting Exercise: Using the attached excel template (above) with actual profits included, you will assume the role of operations manager for the XYZ Manufacturing Company. Use the moving average method to forecast/calculate the quarterly average profit and to analyze future cost for the company for the next three years.
Once your forecasts are complete, in a memorandum for senior management, detail the following:
Describe your nave method approach to forecasting and explain how moving averages are valid.
Describe what your forecasts for the next three years for the XYZ Manufacturing Company show.
Include your forecast calculations in an appendix at the end of your memorandum.
Use APA Style formatting as appropriate; however, this is meant to be a professional document.