Primary Data Plan: (Women addicted to opioids in Riverside, CA)

Your tasks this week:

Brainstorm a list of primary data sources you might use when investigating the opioid addiction issue with your target population.
Create a list of methods you might use to gather primary data for your population and identify how you would gain access to this primary data.
Revise your draft of the methodology section (adding 1 page) of your community health assessment, which describes how the primary and secondary data was and will be collected.
Share and discuss your draft with your learning team by completing the following:
Post your draft on your learning team’s discussion board.
Post written feedback (150-200 words) for at least one teammate’s draft. Use the following prompts to guide your feedback:
Main strengths
Advice to improve your teammate’s work
Within your teacixm, be sure to help everyone share feedback.

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