Prepare a project cost baseline

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For the Fixer-Upper Project, you will prepare a Project Cost Baseline that combines the predictive and adaptive project work. All purchases and contracted work will be tracked. Reminder: Although “Sweat Equity” includes volunteers, they will need supplies.
The cost Baseline will be aligned with the Schedule that I will provide. For the Cost Baseline, you will estimate what costs will be incurred each month.
For this project, only costs in Execute will be required.
=> You will need to make the same changes you did for the Cost Estimate to update the Cost Baseline template.
You will only be using the section below “Execute” that relates to “Main deliverables”
Check the number of rows you have in the Cost Estimate and Cost Baseline – they must be the same in both documents. Insert rows or delete rows as necessary
Then you can copy and paste the information from the Cost Estimate columns A and B to update the Cost Baseline template.
There are fewer columns for the Cost Baseline. The objective is to determine when costs will be incurred by month.
Use the Schedule and Cost Estimate documents to help with this part.
When complete, there will be a Total Cost by Month (top to bottom) and Activities (across). All lead to a total cost for the Project
A check formula
In the lower right-hand corner (outside the spreadsheet) the dollar value should be the same as the value above (for Total Cost). If not, something is off and you should check for entries or formulas being changed
Save the file!
Note: At the bottom, “Changes”. You can ignore it for now.

Thank you for your help. Please let me know if you need more info.

I will provide the Schedule and Cost Estimate to help with this assignment.