Persuasive Ethics: Learning to Think of the Land and Live Ethically With It.

This assignment theme will give your essay unity : How does one apply ecological ethical ideas? This theme should be interpreted in terms of the assignment title about persuasion. Your essay should have three parts:

**A**: In roughly 1400 words, explain why Leopold does not propose an ethical theory but rather a worldview. Define five virtues articulated in Leopolds moral worldview with reference to specific texts (and supplemented by other course texts). How might these virtues be persuasively communicated today?

**B**: In about 1000 words, answer these two questions: What is itaboutWahkohtowinthat makes its ethical worldview morallyappealing?What makesWahkohtowinunlikely to be a motivating ethical worldview today? As part of your answers, use the language ofvirtues to help you communicate your argument. Be practical in your answer. Make reference to the moral sense of nature.

**C**: Conclude this assignment with an appendix of 300 words, where you rewrite your ethical stance toward the natural world. How do you justify this stance? What principles guide your actions? Make sure to articulate good, strong, clear arguments.

About Assignment 4 – Persuasive Ethics: Learning to Think of the Land and Live Ethically with it

– Produce written material
– Chicago style
– Proper use of grammar and diction
– Formulate and defend a moral argument or code of ethics
– Reflect on your own ethics and present a cogent line of reasoning for your conclusions. Anticipate responses or personal challenges.
– Creatively analyze and interpret issues and recommend solutions
– Identify key issues and claims in a text and articulate them clearly and concisely. Identify any hidden assumptions that are used to support these claims.
– Evaluate real or potential shortcomings of an ethic and propose solutions.

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