Personality Issue: Should Freuds Theories Be Abandoned as Useless?

Words: 416
Pages: 2
Subject: Research Writing

1) Introduction: Why you chose the topic (i.e. how it relates to your career aspirations, or personal life, and why others should care about the topic). Main question(s) should be mentioned.

2) Body: Subheadings for major topics to be discussed. Findings should include the sources of the information.

3) Conclusion: Analysis of the findings, and what you have learned.

4) References: At least 2 primary sources in APA or MLA style.

For this assignment, it is highly recommended that you use PsycInfo or PsycARTICLES (computerized databases) to identify articles in scientific psychology journals. You can also use Ebsco Academic Search Premier. For advanced searching, use PsycInfo and the Thesaurus of Psychological Index Terms to narrow down the topic.