Words: 574
Pages: 3
Subject: Research Writing

Create an original and unique open ended question about animal evolution and answer the question. Please include resources used.

Then respond to the two classmate responses below.

Response 1

Did ya’ll know ya’ll are scrubbing your bodies with cucumbers?
So this chapter was super fun to read, the fact that I learned I’ve been exfoliating my skin with a cucumber is hilarious. Also the fact that they are skeletons of animals. Another cool thing I learned, is that you can grow your own loofah.

Response 2

What do you think is the “missing link” between Humans and our common ancestor to Chimps?
During school I am sure that we have all heard that we have descended from some type of “ape” like animal. Evolution they say, which I of course believe in, is that we all have a common ancestor. Which is true. All life did at one point come from one source. But I am trying to specifically nail down the common ancestor between humans and apes. After all this time how has there not been a single fossil recovered that can make this link? How are we so closely related to them in both DNA, appearance etc… but we cannot find that one animal from 7 million years ago where our tree branched from each other? What do you think would happen if we did find this link? Would evolution be the hard fast truth instead of the leading theory and what would happen to the religious aspect of this conversation? Sorry, there are about 7 questions wrapped up in this one but there are some good things to think about here.