Order of Adjectives


– A minimum of five (5) sources. The final paper should be typed, approximately 4 5 pages. Start with ” The Grammar Book” . It’s an excellent source. Then start looking in a variety of grammar books (both descriptive and prescriptive; ESL grammar books can be quite helpful) for information. When you have found out what several grammarians say about your topic, you may still have unanswered questions of your own. Proposing your own solutions to a problem is acceptable.

-( The Grammar Book link:)



Order of adjectives, when multiple adjectives occur in a noun phrase. Do we have agreed upon rules as to which type of adjective should come first, second, etc.? The big green plastic dinosaur (the plastic big green dinosaur??)


FOCUS (max. 3 points each)

Identifies the topic
Concentrates on a grammar point within literature
Includes appropriate citations
Identifies the problem with the literature
Flows in a logical, precise manner

NARRATIVE (max. 3 points each)

Provides explanation of why the selected grammar point may be problematic for the target students
Provides a reasonable and logical solution to the problem.
Shows clear understanding of the concepts involved.
Provides examples of for each instance of the problem and solution.
Relies on the minimum of 5 sources.
Information from all sources is tied together

FORMAT (max. 3 points each)

Professionally Prepared without mechanical /grammatical errors
Citations are consistently presented in APA style both in the bibliography and in-text.

TOTAL out of 39 points.