Nevada Constitution and the United States Constitution

Essay Assignment Paper (Worth 100 Points)
Essay Topic:
In a thoughtful and detailed essay, compare and contrast the Nevada Constitution and the United States Constitution. Be sure to include in (but not limited to) discussion of the following areas:
-Branches of government
-Amendment process
-For example, the term of offices and requirements in the executive branch in the U.S. is compared to the State of Nevada. Notice that some offices are appointed in the federal government but in Nevada, we elect our Secretary of State as another example. What is the difference between the Vice-President and Nevada’s Lt. Governor?

Essay is worth 100 points. Students will complete a minimum of 3 full pages (double-spaced) essays in response to a question from the instructor. The essay will require students to analyze and synthesize material from The Sagebrush State as well as other course materials. Please use a minimum of 3 to 5 citations in the body of the paper and shown directly on the works cited page ( the citations may come from a single source or just from your textbook if you wish). A separate title page and separate works cited page are required. The course is self-paced for quizzes and exams.

The following requirements must be shown in your essay:
1. Minimum 3 FULL CONTENT PAGES (Anything short of this will not be counted)
2. Double-space and regular Fonts. Any attempts to change the settings to meet the length requirements will not be accepted.
3. A mandatory separate title page that consists of your name, title of the paper, the name of the professor, name of the class, and date assignment is required.
***Regardless of the format you utilize you must have this separate title page included.
4. Mandatory separate works cited page as well.
5. A minimum of 3 separate citations is shown in the BODY of the paper which must be shown DIRECTLY on the works cited page. Wikipedia and encyclopedias are not allowed as a source.
6. All statistics and quotations MUST have citations immediately after them.