MPLS Design and Final Infrastructure Proposal

Part 1: MPLS Deployment Plan
Design a plan for deploying a network that is based on an MPLS circuit and that correlates with stated organizational and IT goals and the designs you created in previous assignments.

MPLS Diagram
Create a MPLS data communication design and depict it on a diagram. It should include:

Hardware selection and its placement.
MPLS Design Analysis
Write an analysis of your MPLS design. Provide appropriate rationale for the chosen topology, hardware selection, and device placement.

Part 2: Final Advanced WAN Cisco-Based infrastructure design

Revise your assignments in Units 1–4 to reflect improved design, based upon your reflection and instructor feedback, to create your final WAN proposal. The proposal should be well organized and professional and include:

An introduction.

A table of contents

An executive summary.

Other elements as necessary, such as diagram and appendix.

The following sections (each should accurately represent the design using diagrams, and a written analysis that is comprehensive and appropriately meets the organization needs):

Physical infrastructure and project scope.

Hardware infrastructure plan.

NAT and PAT deployment plan.

Edge routing deployment strategy.

MPLS proposal (integrated from this assignment).

Submission Instructions
Submit the following:

All fully completed lab reports that document the specified configuration of Cisco devices.

A well-labeled and organized Word document with:
A description of how the lab activities supported your assignment work.

Your design diagram (pasted into the document).
Design analysis.

Your final advanced WAN Cisco-based infrastructure design document.

Your work should be professionally written and free of errorcixs, and use current APA formatting.

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