Mathematic in soccer

Your finished project will contain 4 to 6 pages of TEXT (12 pt, standard margins, double spaced)
You are strongly encouraged to include images, files, etc that help bring your topic to life. Think about ways that photos, graphs, charts, audio files, short videos, etc could help your colleagues in the class better understand and engage with your topic. This may bring your final paper closer to 7 or 8 pages, depending on the visuals you use.
While you are encouraged to draw on what you know, remember that this is a RESEARCH project. I expect that you will have at LEAST 2 resources you draw from besides your own knowledge and that you will cite your sources appropriately (a research paper without citations is not really a research paper). Be sure that you include a work cited/bibliography page at the end of your paper that includes ALL the sources you use (whether you actually cite them or not). This page from the TCC Library webpage ( will help you with your citations: if you are not sure whether or not something should be cited, checixck to find out for sure!

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