Marketing Communication& Campaigns

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Module 04: Discussion: Marketing Communication& Campaigns

The workforce reshuffling has given cities and towns a new opportunity to market themselves with glitzy ad campaigns and worker recruiting trips, putting a new spin on the conventional municipal economic development playbook. Instead of trying to attract big companies with tax incentives to bring a new headquarters or manufacturing plant (along with hundreds of new jobs) to town, city leaders are looking for the “micro-talent” or the individual who already has a job somewhere else, but is willing to relocate.

The following cities created marketing campaigns and programs aimed at convincing talent to take a gamble on moving to their city:

West Virginia’s Ascend program: to an external site.
Newton Iowa’s Call Newton Home initiative: to an external site.
Tulsa Oklahoma’s Tulsa Remote program: to an external site.
Shawnee County Kansas’ Choose Topeka program: Links to an external site.Links to an external site.
For Part 1 of this discussion, compare and contrast the different programs listed and share:

What city has the best marketing campaign?
What program has the most creative communication strategy and how will the target audience decode this message?

Publicity is a form of an integrated communication campaign. For Part 2 of this discussion, research how one or all of the listed programs have utilized publicity to promote the program or programs. The source you research and share should be in the form of a news story (video or written), article, or editorial. Also, share what is the primary goal of using publicity for these programs? Please remember to cite and reference the outside source.