Main idea/thesis/argument of two readings that I’ve provided

The Prompt is:
1. Evaluate the similarities and differences in the European colonization of the Americas by the Spanish, English, and French in North America before 1760.
– double spaced
– 12-point font
– standard written english
– one inch margins
– Chicago style only
– The essay must have a main idea/thesis/argument. It cannot be a summary of the reading. Thesis must answer the prompt.
– you must demonstrate understanding and familiarity from the readings I’ve provided that is called Brinkley’s Unfinished Nation only Chapter 1, and assigned articles from American Perspectives: Chipman, pg 49-64; Morgan, pg 98-108; Lawson, pg 91-97.
-Those are the only 2 sources for this essay.
– Citations need to be included.

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