List and explain the three basic functions of administrative law.

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1. List and explain the three basic functions of administrative law.

2. Explain the process of judicial review on the activities of administrative agencies.

3. Discuss why administrative law developed.

A. What was the societal and legal need that led to the development of administrative agencies?

B. In your discussion, include a brief outline of the history of the development of administrative law in the U.S.

C. Also, include at least two examples of when administrative law as opposed to law created by a legislature or legal rulings created by courts would be preferable.

4. List at least 7 administrative agencies. Choose one of those you listed and explain how that administrative agency may have a direct effect on your life.

5. If you received a Notice of Violation in the mail from an administrative agency, what would be the steps that the administrative agency could take against you and what would be your legal response?

6. Identify and discuss the major Constitutional protections for the citizens accused of crimes our criminal justice system. Why did the Founders (of our nation) see fit to include these protections? Are these protections relevant today? (Remember, I give no credit for one word answers.) Are these protections important to you?

7. What are the two elements that are part of every crime? Why are these elements important to criminal law?

8. The Founders celebrated the control over unlimited power of government in the push and pull of checks and balances inherent in the way they structured our government through our Constitution. Tell me, would the Founder be satisfied with the checks and balances available to control the power of administrative agencies? Be sure to explain why or why not. Also, if there are checks and balances, explain what they are and why they work.

You must do some online research in order to get credit for the following test items. Site two research sources of credible information for each test item:

In other words, you must include two sources for question 9 and two sources for question 10 and two sources for question11. You answers must be at least 500 words for each of the number 9, 10, and 11 test items.

9.What is the effect of white collar, computer hacking, and identity theft on American business and our economy? What can be done to better control these costs?

10. What is the effect of illegal immigration on business and the economy in this country? Define illegal immigration before you answer the first question. What, in your opinion, should we do about illegal immigration on a personal level? What does illegal immigration have to do with the topics covered in Chapters 5 and 6.

11. What, in your opinion, should we do about illegal immigration from a state or national level?

Extra Credit:

What were the three most important things you learncixed in this section of the course?