This paper is a reflection assignment regarding to everything we learn about the class (Cultural and Psychological Aspects of Health and Physical Activity). Please help me answer these questions. I attached all the readings so the writer have a better understanding of what I learned in class.

Self/Course Reflection
1. Of the major topics that we explored in the class, was there any one or two areas that you think
will influence your work in your chosen profession (how you interact with people from different
backgrounds and/or have different experience with health and physical activity)? (My chosen profession is pharmacist.)
2. After experiencing firsthand living through the pandemic, what can we learn about cultural and
psychological aspects of physical activity?
3. What are some general, personal stressors in your life? How do you deal with stress? Did the
week 4 discussion topic provide any insight to better deal with stress? How will you utilize this
information in your current or future relationships (personal or professional)? (I am a mother of 3 and one on the way. I am a full time mother and a full time student. It is hard for me to manage my time as I’m working towards my Bachelor of Health Sciences Degree focusing in pharmacy. My husband is my only income recourse and my supporter. How I mange stress is to think positive and talk to my husband when I’m stressed. -writer please add more details) here
4. How does your understanding of personality characteristics help you to function better as a
member of a group or team?
5. What feedback would you like to give us about the contecixnt and structure of this course?

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