Kineisha Case Conceptualization

Please look at the example case conceptualization that I include to guide you on this case conceptualization. Also please make sure to look at the case conceptualization format on what is supposed to be in the case conceptualization.

Age 17
Gender- female
Marital status – single parent
Education – 12 grade senior
Living situation – living between her father and maternal grandmother
A brief description of the client- Kineisha is a 17 year old senior who lives in between her father and grandmother home. Kineisha comes from a caring family who her maternal grandparents traveled the world a lot due to being in the military. Kineisha doesnt get alone with her mother due to her mother is always expecting her to do the right things in life, where her father allows her do to whatever. Kineishia is also the on the basketball and tracixck team at her high school.

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