Is there a substantial body of literature on the problem area?

For this assignment, you will propose a data mining and analytics, machine learning, or knowledge discovery research topic that you desire to investigate. Complete this assignment using the Research Project Proposal (DOCX) download template, outlining the major sections you should include in your research paper. Your topic will be reviewed by your instructor, who will either approve your topic or provide you additional feedback to guide you in topic selection.

Be sure to include a clear and concise paragraph stating the research problem and the background your proposed study will investigate, with additional bullet statements as appropriate in each category.

You can begin by identifying one or two problems you may wish to research. Among the sources for problem areas are journals, signature publications of major professional associations, white papers, magazines, and even discussions with employers and colleagues. Often, the authors point out areas of controversy or areas that are not fully fleshed out that may serve as good research topics.

Some important criteria to evaluate the selection of the problem include:

Is there a substantial body of literature on the problem area?
Is the problem area timely?
Let’s assume that you have successfully identified a problem. Next, you have to frame some sort of research question(s) within that area. The form such questions should take is fairly specific. In coming up with a research question, keep in mind that it should have a place in the literature. After all, science is the cumulative process of knowledge generation. Ask yourself: What will answering this question tell us? Why is it important?

The simplest and most logical place to come up with research questions is from recent literature in an area. Most journal articles end with a section on suggestions for future research and study limitations; look for these. Another good approach to developing research questions is to apply a paradigm used with one population to another population. Replications of already published research may provide an avenue in some cases.

The easiest criterion to remember is that the question should be a phrase about what you are going to study in the form of a question. A second criterion is that the question should suggest a relationship to be examined, as the purpose of doing research is to advance the body of knowledge. Sometimes the research question would imply the possibility of empirical testing.

Writing an effective research proposal prepares you for an indispensable skill required to work effectively in both academia and industry after you graduate. You are posing a reasonable argument, idea, or hypothesis, as well as, the significance of which you have demonstrated by relating it to relevant literature in the field of inquiry. You are also proposing a methodology to examine and research the problem with clear steps leading to a reasonable justified conclusion.

Note: Citations – It is imperative that any sources consulted in the preparation of written assignments be properly cited using current APA format, (Links to an external site.) both in the body of the paper as well as at the works end. Plagiarism in any form will not be tolerated. Even though group discussions, student participation, and collaboration are encouraged, students must submit their own work, prepared individually.

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