Is the current taxation system fair to everyone?

Is the election process fair to everyone?
Is the current taxation system fair to everyone?
Do cameras enforced by law invade privacy?
Is handgun ownership a right?
Is a two-child policy a good idea?
Are we too dependent on technology?
Are athletes paid more than needed?
Is marketing to children morally wrong?
Is torture ever acceptable?
Does cheating aid learning?
Is testing a good way to judge a students skill or efficiency?
Are television shows and movies increasing or encouraging criminal minds?
Should beauty pageants be banned?
Is there any crime the death penalty should be made mandatory for?
Should energy drinks be made illegal?
Should college be free for everyone?
Should SAT or ACT scores be considered in college admissions?
Should all primary and secondary schools switch to a year-round schedule?
Should core standards exist in school?
Does the U.S. have a police brutality issue?
Should citizens who are medically classified as obese pay more for their insurance/healthcare?
Is hunting good for the environment?
Should supermarkets ban the use of plastic bags?
Does being a vegetarian/vegan help the environment?
Are landfills a good idea?
Are alternative energy sources effective?
Do helicopter parents harm their children?
Should the U.S. ban interracial adoptions?
Are older parents better parents?
Do cell phones bring families closer together?
Do the expectations set by romantic novels and movies damage real relationships?
Should parents read their teenagers journals?
Should schools switch entirely to e-texts?
Should teachers be armed?
*Instructors Note: If you would like to attempt a topic not on this list, please reach out to me in advance via email for approval.

Your thesis begins with your response to one of these questions: yes or no.

For example:

Older parents are better parents due to . . . (reasoning).

Energy drinks should not be banned because . . . (reasoning).

Structure of Presentation

Make sure to include the following sections in your presentation:

an introduction and claim
background for your topic and the problem you’re addressing
body (following the Rogerian model) which includes a discussion of the various sides of the debate, including core values or warrants underlying their arguments
your universal common ground + solution
A Rogerian argument will contain a claim + support, the opposing view, and a universal common ground.

A universal common ground is an aspect of the argument that both sides can agree on. For instance, you may argue that same-sex couples should be allowed to adopt children while the opposition claims they should not be allowed, but both sides can agree that children deserve a safe and happy home. That safe and happy home is the common ground between the two sides.

Your presentation may look something like this:

Title Slide (1 slide)
Introduction/Background (1 slide)
Thesis and Support (1-2 Slides)
Opposing Views (1-2 slides)
Universal Common Ground (1 slide)
Compromise/Solution (1 slide)
Conclusion/Final Thoughts (1 slide)
References (1-2 slides)

The project’s text should contain 500-1000 words, but do not let these dominate your slides. Slides hit the highlights only. Your main text should be incorporated as a speech/presentation notes or voice recorded (please upload your scripts along with your slides to ensure the word requirement has been met).
Four sources should be referenced within the presentation: two scholarly, peer-reviewed sources from the APUS library + two credible sources of your choosing.
In-text/source citations should be formatted in MLA, APA, or Chicago style.
Note that all writing in the project should be original; the projects will be run through Turnitin upon submission, and all distinctive matching information caught by Turnitin must be formatted as a quotation. DO NOT copy-paste material without immediately marking it as a quotation and citing it. Any multimedia (art, music) inserted or linked in the presentation should also include full bibliographic information.