Introduction Activity

Assume that you are facing the following true-life speech situation: Since leaving college with a degree in education, you have been a classroom teacher, high school principal, and now assistant superintendent in a large urban school district – the same district in which you, yourself, attended high school. Because of your excellent public speaking skills, you have been chosen to represent the district at a meeting of parents, alumni, and neighborhood residents called to protest the closing of the city’s oldest high school. With 1,200 current students and thousands of graduates still in the city, the school has produced many top scholars, as well as championship athletic teams.

At the meeting, you will need to explain the decision to close the school and to demolish the 1907 building. Architects, engineers, and city planners agree that renovation of the old structure is impractical and that the city’s changing population requires construction of a new school in a new location.

As a graduate of the high school, you understand the feelings of people who want it to remain open. As a member of the school district administration, you understand why it must be closed. You also know that if your speech is to be persuasive, you must use the introduction to establish your credibility and good will so the audience will be willing to listen receptively to what you say in the body.

Write a draft of your introduction. In it, be sure to address all four functions of a speech introduction discussed in the lecture (attention getter, credibility, thesis, and preview). Reminder write only the introduction not an entire speech (wricixte it as you would say it).

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