Intercultural communication

Select a country (culture/region) that according to existing cultural research is
significantly distinct from your cultural background. (I am fri
om Sweden so Scandinavian culture.)

Aim of the exercise:
You must help prepare a business person from that country for a business visit to your home country. This person will be visiting your country for about 5 days, with the aim of initiating potential business relationships or partnerships with companies in your country. Your research should help that person to set up meetings appropriately, to know how to lead and/or participate in conversations and negotiations, as well as to leave an overall good impression of his country for doing business. You will want to cover various aspects of hierarchy and power, conversation and negotiation styles, building trust, as well as practical advice for getting a hotel room, ordering in a restaurant, or engaging in small talk. Make sure

to support your findings with adequate research.
Your paper should cover everything that is relevant to making this visit successful!
1. A paper covering all the aspects that you find to be important to make sure a business person will be successful in your home country, including academic evidence for your advice. The paper should be well-researched and well-structured, it should include an executive summary, key recommendations, and a conclusion.
This should be about 3,000 words. Please use the guidelines attached about writing academic papers, listing and referencing your sources.

2. A presentation that summarizes the main findings from your research, to make sure:
they have a positive understanding of your country;
they understand the core values needed for successful communication inside and
outside of a business environment;
they get some valuable hands-on tips on how to be make their visit a success,
without stress.

Use the attached powerpoints and also external sources.

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