Identify databases searched and inclusion/exclusion criteria.

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The purpose of this assignment is to provide the student the opportunity to demonstrate competency in performing the role of the psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner in a safe environment.

Submission Instructions:

To complete this assignment, address the following criteria:

Posters should include the following content:
A Project title. This should be placed towards the top of the poster, including the names of the authors and university affiliation.
An Introduction section. This should highlight the problem addressed in a brief literature review with citations and your hypothesis or hypotheses.
The Purpose section: The poster states the objectives of this inquiry relative to the overall evidence-based literature review on this topic. The approved PICO question must be included in this section.
The Methods/Search Strategy section. An overview of how you studied your primary source(s): Describe the evidence-based solution. How was it developed? Include the theoretical framework (if applicable). Identify databases searched and inclusion/exclusion criteria.
The Results The poster describes the search, the number of studies included, and the level of evidence.
A literature flow diagram must be uploaded to this assignment.
The Synthesis of Evidence The poster briefly describes the synthesis of the evidence, including major trends and notable gaps.
The Implications for Practice section. The poster includes recommendations for advanced psychiatric practice, graduate psychiatric nursing education, or future advanced practice psychiatric nursing research based on the review and synthesis of the evidence.
A References section. Ensure your references include at least seven references with four primary research articles. Primary articles describe studies in which the authors collected the data themselves. References must be in the current APA format. If you cannot fit seven or more references into your poster, you should provide the references separately as an attached Word document. Academic Poster Format

Present your poster in a PowerPoint Poster format.

The pico question is “In African American male veterans suffering with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), will the use of EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) improve problems with involuntary traumatic memories in comparison to the use of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?”

Please use a more comprehensive literature flow chart. I attached an example. the total number of articles found using your terms, the duplicates removed with the number of duplicates, screening the articles by title with the number of articles screened (with the # of exclusions), screening the articles by the abstract (with the # of exclusions), removing all articles that are not Level 1 or 2 levels of evidence (with the number of articles excluded). You will find the numbers listed in green in this example.