Identify an attitude, behavior or condition that has experienced a moral passage and write a short history of this passage.

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In this assignment we want you to write an essay in which you do the following:

Identify an attitude, behavior or condition that has experienced a moral passage and write a short history of this passage. Please choose an attitude, behavior or condition that has NOT been discussed extensively in lecture or the readings (e.g. homosexuality, marijuana and alcohol use, drunk driving, etc.).
Discuss how the shifting social constructions of the attitude, behavior or condition are related to broader social values and norms.
Discuss how this moral passage can be understood or explained from the perspective of functionalism, conflict theory and/or feminist theory. Draw on as many of the theories as you think are useful in discussing this moral passage.
In writing this essay, you will want to draw heavily on specific material from the lectures and readings including, but not limited to Gusfield’s article on moral passage and Tittle and Paternoster’s article on middle class norms. When drawing on course material please use in text citations (for lectures, just the name of the lecture is fine).

General Comments about Papers

Your paper should be 1200-1500 words long.

The expectation is that you will NOT use any form of AI in your work on this assignment. If you use Grammarly or another type of program to assist with your writing, please be sure that you use it to identify issues, but that you are the one that creates any revisions.

It is not necessary to draw on materials from outside of the course, but if you do, please cite them both in the text and on a separate references page using APA, ASA or MLA format. If you are unclear what this looks like you can find numerous examples and articles on the internet or check out the CU Writing Center. The reference page is not part of the assignment word count.

All assignments must be turned in as a microsoft word or pdf document through Canvas.

Papers will be graded based on the following criteria:

Organization (40%): How well have you followed the instructions and responded to all the questions in the prompt.

Application of Course Material (40%): How well have you drawn on course material (lectures, articles, key concepts and vocabulary) and demonstrated your understanding of key course ideas by being able to apply them?

Writing and Style (20%): This includes quality of writing, grammar, overall presentation (was the paper proofread, etc.) and were the directions followed.