Human Development

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Follow the instructions please!

Final Paper. This paper is a capstone paper demonstrating your ability to utilize material learned during the semester to better explain the issues specific to an adolescent topic of choice. The goal of this paper is to demonstrate your ability to apply class material to some specific context of adolescence. Papers are limited to 34 pages of text and in APA format.

You must have at least two research-based articles or research-based book chapters (2) that provide a good background about your adolescent issue (our textbook doesn’t count for one of the two). In the paper, you will briefly introduce your issue and establish why it is important to adolescents. Next, provide a review of literature about what is currently known about your topic based on your two research articles or research-based book chapters. This first part should take about half of your paper. In the remaining part of your paper explain how class material might improve our understanding of your chosen issue by considering it within at least three of the developmental and contextual topics covered in class (e.g. physiological, cognitive, psychosocial, family, peers, school, etc.). For example, how might the changes that are occurring during pubertal or cognitive development be important to adolescents decisions about whether to engage in sexual intercourse or use illegal substances. For this section of your paper you will need to be able to think about your chosen issue in ways that may not have been considered yet in the research. Also, in order to effectively use class materials in considering your adolescent issue, you will need to be able to think about how these materials might operate beyond what was covered in class or in our textbook. Support your use of class material using our textbook, presented articles, and class lecture notes. Depending on the adolescent topic you select to write about, some class material will lend itself better to providing insights than others.

The Text book: Adolescence and emerging adulthood a cultural approach by Jeffrey Jensen Arnett (

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