Hawaii: Best of the Big Island – 3DAYS @$(write how much the tour costs) per person

This assignment is a term project for my geography class.
Please read all the instructions and make sure you follow all of them before submitting the paper!

I attached a sample of this project provided by the instructor. So please follow the exact same format when starting to write!

Imagine yourself as a tour guide leading adults for 3 days in Hawaii to showcase and explore an area of Earths most interesting physical and cultural features and phenomenon. Become an expert on the areas physical and cultural points of interest. On this three-day field excursion, indicate where you will go and why (i.e., how do sites you stop at relate to geographical concepts). Make sure that your trip provides a day-to-day scenario. In addition to describing the sites visited, indicate where you will be staying, how you will be getting around, what local foods you intend to try, any local people you will meet, unique species (flora/fauna) encountered, and/or any customs and festivities you intent to participate in while there. Include maps, images/photos, or diagrams to convey information about your project. BE CREATIVE! Places that may seem close to one another on a map might actually require hours of flying or multiple days drive by car, particularly in rural areas not connected by modern highway networks, so be careful about the scale.

1. Introduction
Outline the trip objective(s). A map with routes and stops is required. There are many map-making tools and programs freely available, but you are able to use Google Map Engine or hand drawings so long as purposeful information is clearly conveyed.
2. Stop-by-Stop Descriptions
Each day should have an itinerary table followed by an in-depth narrative of key activities. The itinerary table outlines brief descriptions of stop locations, arrival and departure dates and times, and activities planned. Think about how best to convey this information clearly and briefly. Note: Also consider travel times and modes between stops plus any time zone changes; part of this project is to demonstrate basic logistics.
Then include narrative paragraph(s) offering longer description(s)of key each stop location and the relevance to physical and cultural geography. This would be a great place for a few representative images. Remember, as the tour guide, you want attendees to know what to expect and prepare for.
3. Cite your sources in text AND include a bibliography. Also, all photos should be given proper credit. NEVER USE Wikipedia because it is not peer reviewed!

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