Global Business Horizons – Assignment 5

Please read the instructions provided below and answer the questions –

The purpose of this activity is to understand the relevance of sustainable practices to business. Find an example of a company that engages in sustainable business practice. Describe and critique their practices.

Review the live session for content related to this assignment.
Read Viswanathan, M. (2016). Chapter 6 & 7. In Bottom-Up Enterprise: Insights from Subsistence Marketplaces. eBookpartnerships. (uploaded in this order)

Q1 – What is specifically meant by sustainability, i.e., what is being sustained, in the firms mission or value statements? (140 words)

Q2 – What are the firms specific sustainability goals and how are they measured? (140 words)

Q3 – What specific strategies, tactics, or practices does the firm employ to achieve its sustainability goals? (140 words)

Q4 – What are the strengths and weaknesses of the company as it relates to sustainability? (140 words)

4 – Evaluation –

o Each of your answers will be evaluated based on how completely and concisely you have addressed the question based on all the course materials listed above.

o Please use a narrative style and please do not use bullet points or other forms of listing.

o Please avoid straight repetition of content from the course or other sources but rather use the space provided effectively by articulating your synthesis, analysis, and insights.

o Please be very careful about direct quotes and make proper attributions when such quoting is absolutely necessary. Your assignment will be checked by plagiarism software in the system.

o Our rubric for evaluating assignments addresses the following aspects.

o Relatedness/Specificity to Question (Versus Unrelated) – Is the question asked being answered or is some other question answered?

o Originality (Versus Repetition) – Is the answer mostly repetition from elsewhere?

o Depth Does the answer show depth of understanding/analysis?

o Breadth – Is the answer narrowly focused in terms of issues covered?

o We will provide feedback and breakup of points on the following subcategories

o Adherence to instruction-Does the assignment adhere to instructions in terms of word count limit, using a narrative style and not bullet points, and linking explicitly to each of three types of sources.

o Content richness-Is the content related/specific to the question? Is the content original (not repetition), in-depth (not superficial), and with sufficient breadth (not focused narrowly on a single issue)?

o Connection to Course- Is the connection to relevant module(s) of course related/specific to the question? Is the analysis original (not repetition), in-depth (not superficial), and with sufficient breadth (not focused narrowly on a single issue)?

Please ask the writer to use all the relevant references and other references as well related to the topic.

Also if the writer has any queries please ask him/her to contact me. Thanks!

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