Finance Theory

This 15-20 page paper is about behavioral finance theory. It requires a minimum of 15 PEER-REVIEWED resources within the last 5 years. I have attached a page of 11 resources that can be used. I have also attached the grading rubric. Please be mindful of the expectations of the rubric. I have attached the readings from this week. The assignment details are below and also attached with the links to the readings. Writing style APA 7.
Using your approved finance theory (BEHAVIORAL FINANCE THEORY) and the research you have been performing throughout the course (orders 597726, 595801, 591998, 591591), write a research paper on your finance theory in which you complete the following:
Analyze concepts and scholarly perspectives related to your specific finance theory. What has been written to date and how has it been applied in identification of research into finance topics?
Analyze, synthesize, and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of research methodologies used by researchers of your theory. Compare and contrast research methods and designs using the results of studies to identify best approaches for finance research.
Consider gaps that may present themselves through the literature within the global workplace to identify potential topics for future research within finance topics.
Assess ethical considerations that might arise within your chosen theory and how might scholars have mitigated those ethical challenges in their studies.

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