Fences – Responses

Need response post to the two original separate posts attached. Each post will be 60 words minimum. The response should be relevant to the discussions around the original posts. Please avoid any negative comments on these responses. For reference please use the Fences by August Wilson (you could use the link https://www.sparknotes.com/drama/fences/ for reference)

Response 1 to the below post
Q: In many American plays, black actors play only minor roles or are only mentioned in passing by the main characters. Wilson reverses this by only referring to white characters but never having them appear on stage. What effect does this have on the play? How does their absence and presence inform the characters’ world? Would the play be more effective or less effective if the white characters mentioned in the play were more present?

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The way August Wilson has only Black actors as the main characters in the play really shows that the actors are just as good if not better than the common white actor. It shows to the theatre world that white actors do not have to be present for a play to go on. This play created a new light on Black actors in American plays as they were the only actors present for the entire production.

Response 2 to the below post

Q: What reactions do you have to this play? (For example: Did you enjoy it? Bored by it? Want to see a production?)

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I enjoyed reading this play. There was a lot of dialogue and script compared to the last play we read. There was a great storyline that kept me wanting to read more and more. I would like to see a production of this play.