Fallacies in Essays

compose a persuasive essay (400-word minimum) that counterargues fallacies such as false claims and stereotypes. The purpose of this assignment is to provide counterarguments for a fallacious opinion.

In this essay assignment, use a minimum of three counterargument examples to argue against one of the fallacious arguments below, and develop those counterarguments in separate paragraphs without using personal attacks or forms of the words false or lie. Do not take a middle of the road position in your counterarguments. Take a firm stand.

Incidentally, what is wrong with using a personal attack? Personal attacks in an essay or research paper are referred to as ad hominin fallacies, which are also in this weeks Lesson Overview reading assignment. Short version: Instead of a personal attack, argue against the persons ideas. People are not morons although some of their ideas are moronic.

For example, if a writer refers to President Bozo as incompetent, brainless, and has a lack of leadership skills; that writer has committed an ad hominin fallacy even though the writer is correct.

Have a good time with this one. Below are the fallacious arguments. To counterargue them, a writer would have to offer specific reasons about why the original arguments are fallacious.


Fallacious argument 1: The voting age in the United States should be lowered to 16 years of age because todays 16-year-olds are more responsible and informed than those that age in the past decades.

Fallacious argument 2: Noncitizens who violated federal law by illegally crossing into the United States should be allowed to vote in elections if they apologize and have violated no other laws.

This is about attacking a persons ideas not their name in an essay, that’s what the essay is about.