Explain your reasoning for choosing those channels.

Walmart’s marketers both develop goals that are used to evaluate marketing performance and make adjustments to improve that performance. Key company metrics include net sales, operating income/loss, comparable store sales, and number of stores. However, other metrics such as customer traffic, same store sales, average purchase value, and items per purchase may have more value to marketers focused on a specific store or stores in a specific market area.

1. Read the following scenario: You are the Marketing Manager for a Supercenter store. The store has been in operation for one year, but Walmart’s leadership would like to see improvements in the store’s performance. You are responsible for the marketing activities for the new store over the next 60 days.
2. Use course content and additional research to create a business report that addresses the following:
a. Identify at least two marketing channels you will use to reach more customers/consumers in the store’s market area. Explain your reasoning for choosing those channels.
b. Identify at least one S.M.A.R.T. goal you will set to determine if your marketing efforts are successful. Explain your reasoning for choosing that goal.
c. Identify at least two metrics you will use to measure progress toward achieving the goal(s) you set. Explain your reasoning for using those metrics.
d. Outline one action you would take if the metrics indicated the performance goal(s) is/are not met by the end of 60 days.
3. Required Business Report format: At a minimum, the report should include a title/cover page, a brief introduction, the key topics or objectives being covered, a discussion of your findings and recommendations, and a conclusion. Use at least one internal research source to support your work and cite your source(s) on a separate reference page. Any graphs, charts, or other supporting materials needed to help clarify complex concepts should be included in an appendix or appendices at the end of your report.
For an example of how to properly format your report see: Sample Business Report