Explain how you will use a reinforcement schedule to increase the behavior.

The positive effects of positive reinforcement are well documented in research. When used appropriately, reinforcers can be used to teach new behaviors and to strengthen already learned behaviors. For this discussion board, I want you to create a reinforcement plan for a student whose behavior you want to strengthen. For example, you may want to increase: time on task, time in seat, task completion, frequency of participation, or frequency of initiating social interactions. These are just some examples from which you may choose.

Choose 2 behaviors to strengthen–be sure to define the target behaviors
* 1 should be focused on increasing the duration of a behavior
* 1 should be focused on increasing the frequency of a behavior
For each:
*discuss the kind of reinforcer you will use (e.g., tangible, social, activity, natural)
*how you will use a reinforcement schedule to increase the behavior
*how you will ensure the strengthened behavior is maintained as you decrease the use of extrinsic reinforcement
*how you will help the student generalize the learned behavior to new contexts/settings.

Please incorporate one additional source (from a peer-reviewed journal article) to support your work

I have attached the article: Effects of tangible and social reinforcers on skill acquisition, stereotyped behavior, and task engagement in three children with autism spectrum disorders.

I will attached the class textbook after I process payment

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