Evolution and Uses of Databases

In this Assignment, you analyze the history and evolution of databases. You consider the challenges and opportunities presented by the proliferation of healthcare data, and you analyze the impact this evolution has on healthcare settings.
To prepare:
Review the Learning Resources.
Research other scholarly sources about the evolution of databases, including flat files, early data management systems, relational database systems, and NoSQL
Consider how the recording, storage, and extraction of data has evolved over time.
Reflect on your Week 1 Discussion and consider how data is employed in nursing practice and in healthcare settings.

Assignment (8- to 10-slide PowerPoint presentation):
Develop an 8- to 10-slide PowerPoint presentation in which you:
Describe the history and evolution of databases. Address each of the following:
o Flat files
o Early data management systems
o Relational database systems
Compare open source database systems to commercial database systems.
Analyze the benefits and challenges of open source database systems and commercial database systems. Be specific and provide examples.
Analyze the use of databases as the foundation for health-related information systems. Be specific and provide examples.
Provide references in APA style at the end of your presentationthe reference slide or slides do not count toward your assignment total.

2 sources:
Need one more scholarly article in addition to the two below

Harrington, J. (2016). Relational database design and implementation (4th ed.). Cambridge, MA: Morgan Kaufmann.
Chapter 5, The Relational Data Model (p. 104)
Read the A Bit of History section on this page.

Safadi, H., Chan, D., Dawes, M., Roper, M., & Faraj, S. (2015). Open-source health information technology: A case study of electronic medical records. Health Policy and Technology, 4(1), 1428.

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