Euthanasia (End-of-life Care): analysis of the concept from Islamic perspective & other legislations

A. If you have a better topic don’t hesitate putting it
B. All the instruction are written in dox attachment
C. The primary idea of this paper will examine the Islamic view for this concept and discuss different ethical and legal aspects that could affect the perspectives of Muslims relating Euthanasia comparing other laws (worldwide)
D. regarding the (other legislations) that is written in the tittle, please narrow it down to two countries the support Euthanasia , and two counters who don’t support Euthanasia, or (what you see suitable).
E. It’s a pure legal dissertation proposal (mention interesting legal cases) if there’s any or needed to mention to help support the proposal
F. I have put another dox attachment that contain example of researches, feel free to look at them
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