Ethics in business 1

Pick an organization (public or private) and then choose a particular type of COI that is associated with this type of organization. Sustainability-related COIs are especially encouraged.
• Locate and describe any laws that are designed to discourage or prevent this type of COI in your country. If there are no laws particular to the type of COI you chose, discuss why this is the case.
• Locate examples of organizational policies used to also discourage the particular COI and discuss how the main features of the policy around the particular COI.
• Discuss ways that managers can use both policy and the existing laws in your home country to discourage employees seeking their own interests over that of the employer.
• In your estimation, do laws and policies help promote ethical behavior? Do you feel that the laws, as they are currently, are sufficient and effective?
• Finally, suggest ways that the laws and/or policies could be improved to both motivate employees to pursue the interests of their employers, as well as to minimize the costs of employers complyicixng with or enforcing the laws.

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