Environmental science.

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Environmental science.
This is written in APA email format.

I have to come up with an idea that will help my workplace to be more sustainable to the environment. Also I have to briefly overview 3 environmental laws CAA, CWA, and a local law of my choice (I live in Franklinton Louisiana) and explain how my suggested initiative at work relates to them.

I work as a paraprofessional at the junior high and the idea is to use less styrofoam products and plastic silverware. The cafeteria uses way too much. They serve the food in styrofoam bowls that are then put on styrofoam plates. They also serve water to the kids in styrofoam cups. We also use way to much plastic spoons and forks. They do not recycle at all.

The idea needs to be described and why its important to the school and community. Describe how the 3 laws or regulations support the idea. For each law or regulation include the title, a description of the law or regulation, and how environmental science influenced its development.