energy creation that connects To Plastic Pollution

Blog Post #6 In this blog post you will write a letter or post about a topic around energy creation that connects to your ecological issue. This assignment will require research to find a topic and then additional research to help you gather more information about your topic in order to develop good pieces of evidence to support your opinion. You may find newspaper articles to help you get started. Your supporting arguments must be factual. clearly explained. related directly to your opinion. supported using more than one point. Typically, a full answer to an opinion question requires 35 pieces of support. You want the audience to take your opinion seriously. You might even complete a cost-benefit analysis before writing your letter. Success Criteria: I stated my opinion on an issue around energy production clearly. I provided 35 pieces of support to my opinion that are factual, clearly explained, related to my opinion. I explained the environmental, social, or economic impact of my opinion. My writing could be understood by readers of my blog (classmates or peers).

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