Educate yourself because you dont know. In fact if we knew, we would not need to research. Right?

Important Notes:

Literature review and background of the research constitute the backbones for your research and determine whether you should go ahead or not with the research. They determine whether your research is able to stand straight or crooked. They provide a rationale for the undertaking of your research
Initially reviewing the literature at the onset of your research helps you explore whats happening in your topic area in order to direct your research question. And it is common to see researchers modify their research questions after an initial literature review.

Reviewing the literature helps you :
Educate yourself because you dont know. In fact if we knew, we would not need to research. Right?
Inform yourself on whats happening in the field of your research
Figure out whats out there
Grow your knowledge base
All the above points will help you set up a foundational expertise upon which your research is going to be laid

After reviewing the literature, you should write the literature Review portion of your research. Some people call this portion of the manuscript the introduction or the background. Others call it Rationale. In a sense, it is a foundation upon which you are making a decision to build your house on.

In writing the background of your research:
You are developing critical and analytic thinking
You are finding gaps in the literature that may point to research questions, some of which will be answered by your research
You are finding out what method have been used
You are saying, my method is appropriate or my research is needed and is the best way to address this research question

The single most important skill needed for a successful Literature Review is to be able to discern whats credible from the crap. Where is the largest garbage depository in the world today?

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The assignment

A- Last week, you learned from your discussion group activity about sources for literature review. I hope you learned a lot and were able to do a quick search using the new sources you have learned. Using one of those sources you learned last week, dig a literature/publication relevant to your topic of consideration for your capstone. Summarize the publication and make a case as to why it is relevant to your topic/research by answering the following the following questions in detail.

Your submitted assignment should consist of the following:

1. A citation of the publication (3 points)
2. A summary of the publication (10 points)
3. Why and how is this publication relevant to your capstone question/idea? (This is fundamentally where you will be making the case for your project using information found in the publication. (12 points)
4. Specifics of the publication that are common to your topic/question (5 points)
5. The type of research (analytical, experiential, etc.) used in the publication (2 points). Justify your answer. (3 points)
6. Any part of the topic/question that publication failed to look at but your capstone will consider looking at? (5 points). Hint: In a manuscript, this information is usually found in limitations which is often located toward the end of the discussion paragraph.

Note: each of the 6 points above should be delt with individually and separately. Providing a single paragraph that answers all the above questions will result in a score of 0 (zero)