Drone Technology

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Subject: Research Writing

Each team will select a health care problem, need, or issue that they believe can be effectively addressed by health information technology. Topics should address safety, quality, efficiency in delivering care, cost, or equity of care. A list of possible topics is provided below. Be sure you choose one that has evidence to support it. The evidence must support the prevalence or need as well as the efficacy of your recommended innovation to address the problem. Submit a summary of your refined topic for approval. The summary should be at least 100 words or 7 bullet points. This step will require research to narrow the focus of the topic.

Topic Ideas:
Once you select your technology topic (Drone Technology), remember that you need to apply a specific healthcare issue. For example, if you choose the topic of virtual reality, you may research how it is used to treat PTSD in veterans or pain in patients with cancer. A brief search on any of these topics should result in ideas for healthcare applications. Most of these subjects are very broad requiring you to narrow them down to a specific problem.
* Use of virtual reality in healthcare
*Reducing the burden of clinical documentation on healthcare providers
*Consumer/patient engagement and digital/connected health
*Health information exchange: (select a subtopic such as HIEs, FHIR, blockchain, etc.)
*Technology and the opioid crisis
*Big data and data analytics
*Security, privacy, ransomware
*Technology to assist the needs of the aging
*Improving quality outcomes through artificial intelligence
*Care coordination using the EHR (example: care coordination for heart failure patients to reduce hospital readmissions)
* Population health management
*Precision medicine and genomics
*Telehealth in special populations: public schools, prisons, rural areas, or mental health