Disease Prevention in Veterinary Medicine Final Project

Knowledge in the prevention of the spread of disease in a veterinary facility is crucial for the veterinary technician. This project is to help make you aware of the numerous ways in which disease can be spread and the steps necessary to minimize that possibility. For this final project, construct a detailed written protocol for the prevention of disease spread between patients in a small animal practice under all circumstances, including well visits. The plan should include a section on hospitalized patients in an isolation ward with highly transmissible diseases, as well as a section on zoonotic disease transmission prevention. All areas of the hospital should be included; reception, exam rooms, wards, laboratory, surgery suite, treatment area and personnel. It should also include possible strategies to decrease transmission that might occur prior to the patients arrival at the hospital. Your format should be concise and easy to follow. Minimally, it should be 10 pages long, in standard 12 font, excluding title page and bibliography. APA documentation style should be used. Please note, this is not a paper. It should be a document that could be put into use in a veterinary facility as written

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