Discussion 4: Food Disparity

Watch the film “The American Food Disparity: The Story of America’s 49 Million Food Insecure” and the clip “Income Inequality: Hunger Down the Block”

After watching the films, answer the following questions (use both your own experiences/views, as well as information from the films)

1. What is food insecurity? What stereotypes/ biases/ assumptions do you think the general public has about people who are food insecure?

2. Why is there hunger and food insecurity in the world (Or you can look specifically at the United States or your home country)? What factors do you see contributing to this social problem? (Think broadly of the many factors that might influence food insecurity)

3. What does it mean to say “we don’t have a food supply problem, we have a distribution problem”? How should hunger and food insecurity be addressed (how can we reduce hunger and food insecurity)? And who is responsible for addressing issues related to hunger and food insecurity?

4. How do hunger and food insecurity affect people? For example, what impacts might food insecurity have on a person’s ability to perform well in school or at a job? on health?