Discussion 3 – The Qur’an

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Subject: Research Writing

The Qur’an is a record of the divine revelations — the direct word of God in Arabic — Muslims believed Muhammad received over the course of many years. The name comes from the Arabic verb qurra, and means “that which is recited.” It was not compiled until after his death, and the verses do not occur in the order they were revealed to him. The language is sometimes direct, sometimes poetic, and frequently makes reference to the broader Abrahamic tradition.

Read at least three of the suras and comment on:

What are the main themes?
What imagery is deployed?
What references are there to other Abrahamic traditions?
What messages or meanings are being conveyed?

General response guidelines:

Here is what counts as addressing a reading: In order to get full credit, you will need to either quote a passage, explicitly refer to a specific line/ paragraph, or discuss an argument or concept brought up in the readings. You may respond to as many or as few of the prompts provided, as long as you are able to address the minimum number of readings. When in doubt about a person, place, event, or term… Google it!