Discuss ways to enforce positive behavior and redirect negative behavior.

Minor Project: This assignment is related to integrating the program student learning outcomes: Leadership Elements, Ethical Principles and Biblical Perspectives, Research and Strategic
Problem Solving, and Organizational Behavior and Change Effectiveness into the course.
Find a contact in an organization and discuss an organizational behavior that fits one of the following areas:
work-place motivation
job design related to desirable performance
employee behavior (ex. organizational spirituality, misbehavior, etc.)
high levels of work-place stress demonstrated by employees
Using organizational behavior theories, explain possible causes of the organizational behavior. For each identified
cause, please address possible solutions, including the status quo and two alternatives. Discuss ways to enforce
positive behavior and redirect negative behavior.
Final drafts should be 7-10 pages in length and be properly formatted and cited using APA 7th edition guidelines.
See Minor/Major grading rubric for grading criteria. Good papers include the following components:
1. Title Page: APA format.
2. Introduction (approx. 1/2 page): This section should introduce the organizational behavior topic, leader, and
leadership behaviors/principles and provide an outline for the paper. Present these in the order they will be
3. Literature Review (approx. 3 pages) (Draft due week 2): Look up organizational behavior articles in peer-reviewed journals. At least 6 articles should be used. Summarize each article. Good paragraph summaries
include the following sentences: a) Author, date, and what the study was about. b) Information about who,

what, and where the study was conducted. c) A synopsis of the analysis and findings. d) How the findings
connect to your paper. e) The potential interview questions.
4. Interview Findings and Analysis (approx. 3 pages) (Draft due week 3): Conduct a 20-30 minute interview
with a leader. Interview questions should flow from the literature review, and interviews should be
conducted professionally. Inquire from the leader how biblical perspective or his/her worldview informs
his/her response to the identified organizational behavior. Identify causes of the organizational behavior,
address three alternatives (the status quo and two additional alternatives), and connect the elements to
organizational behavior literature. The focus should be on answering “so what” by demonstrating content
knowledge about organizational behavior and change effectiveness.
5. Application to Personal Leadership (1 page): This section should connect your findings from the interview
and literature to how you will diagnose, understand, and address organizational behaviors. How does your
biblical perspective or worldview inform your response to the identified organizational behavior?
6. Conclusion (approx. 1/2 page): This section will provide a synopsis of the findings.
7. Working Reference List (Draft due week 1): Be sure to include all references using APA format.