Discuss Truman Doctrine With the Homo bureacraticus decision-making model.

Houghton, D. P. (2013). The decision point: Six cases in U.S. foreign policy decision making. Oxford University Press.

Distill your capstone activity into a bumper sticker slogan consisting of no more than about 25 words. At a minimum, your slogan should indicate your selected foreign policy decision and decision-making model.

This week’s engagement activity consists of a bumper sticker activity, designed to develop your working thesis statement. In the process, your purpose and salience statements should be finalized. Your bumper sticker and thesis statement should identify your selected U.S. foreign policy decision and your selected decision-making model. By the end of this week, you will be locked into your model, so think carefully about the dimensions and indicators that your outside research seems to support.

Your purpose and salience statements should work together. Given the assignment instructions, your purpose is to analyze a particular U.S. foreign policy decision. The why – as in, why you are analyzing your chosen decision – should indicate the salience of your topic. In other words, why is your topic significant and relevant in the current geopolitical environment?

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